Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morning News 4/01/10

Happy April everyone!

No more firings under DADT!? Joe My God has a nice summary of this morning's announcement by Sec. of the Army John McHugh. Apparently, it is easier to talk to gay soldiers about the effects of DADT when they don't have to be afraid of being fired under DADT for talking about the effects of being gay under the policy. (Do you follow me?)

Well, I live in the White House with my wife, two daughters and my mother-in-law. President Obama fills out his census form on Census Day.

Google changes name to "Topeka" (in honor of April Fool's Day) proposes a "text-only" version of Youtube.

Constance McMillen will be able to attend the private prom in a tux with her girlfriend.

(Photo titled: "half eaten" by Sarah Marriage is an image of peanut butter fudge covered with ganache, in honor of my first true story posting "the 675 pound mixer of doom.")

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