Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cultural Calendar: Queer Uprising @ Blow Pony!

Last night I had the unmitigated pleasure of attending a stylish queer uprising at Blow Pony. Created by "a bipolar skitzee and a trans Kansas mess," the glory that is Blow Pony must be seen to be believed.

Little Larry ordered me to go so I played Patty Hearst to his SLA and obeyed. Wow, am I glad I did.

Up a flight of stairs and onto a dark dance floor, the evening began for me shortly after 10pm. As the night wore on the modified warehouse in inner SE Portland grew progressively more packed with adorable people of all shapes, sizes and proclivities. I was sure we were seconds away from a tragic, fiery death and I loved every minute of it.

The dynamically dressed duo sporting matching, lighted bunny ears and glitter tutus were glorious to behold, as was the enormous man with the "mayor of whoville" beard sporting a red teddy and dangerously high heels. Flame queens, scare queens, otters, gym bodies, twinks and trannies; we had a little bit of everything.

After a few hours stomping around the dance floor I was ready to storm the Bastille as our DJ Airick (delightfully tattooed and bearded) shouted out to all of us to smash the hetero-patriarchy.

You know, that's not a half-bad idea.

If you are in or near Portland, Oregon on the last Saturday of the month, I order you to attend Blow Pony.

(Photo of random drag queens from

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  1. Otter?? I cannot wait to hear! :)

    Let's make it a date. This sounds amazing!


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