Monday, May 24, 2010

Morning News 5/24/10

Great. BP top exec "frustrated" by the whole worst-ecological-disaster-in-history thing, as hundreds of miles of coastline, pelicans and oysters (among other things) are devastated. Just great.

"Do People Want Fire That Can Be Fitted Nasally?" Republicans concerned about messaging as midterm cycle approaches.

That's "Mr. Quack" if you don't mind. Dr. who first suggested link between autism and vaccines banned in UK for conducting research "dishonestly and irresponsibly."

How Many S's In Success? Patricia J. Williams over at NPR (and the Nation) discusses the Kagan nomination in a culture where "success itself is masculinized."

I never watched an episode of Lost. Ever.

(Rorschach blot number VIII. Ooh, spooky.)

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