Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Morning News 5/25/10

See There, Now Nobody Is Happy. WH mad at BP mad at critics mad at BP mad at WH. Or something like that. ...and still the oil gushes into the gulf.

How Nice. Obama to meet with GOP for lunch today. The Washington Post quotes an Obama aid: "They'll be nice."

It's A Deal... Maybe. Language to hammer out DADT repeal might make it into defense spending bill.

Phew! More than half the People in American today consider me "morally acceptable." Only 42% want to throw me in jail. I wish I had an international coffee to celebrate this moment.

DOMA Challeng In Federal Court Tomorrow. Head over to JMG for coverage.

(Picture of two surprised (Dutch?) women by Stefan Doering)

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  1. It looks like Drama Deals being made in the name of profit. Still looking for change. Good Luck!


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