Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Morning News 5/26/10

(Achilles and Patroclus: Undermining military readiness, or a couple of bad-ass soldiers?)

Hey Democrats! Don't F This Up. WaPo favors the DADT compromise even though it's not ideal. NYT refers to "unnecessary hand-wringing and delay" over implementation. What the hell is there to "study" people? Should we study whether racial segregation is acceptable policy or not? Give me a minute, I'm "studying" it. I know these things "take time," but there is overwhelming public support to lift the ban and my people are being destroyed by this policy RIGHT NOW - TODAY.


"Young Gun" Loses. Raul Labrador beats Palin-endorsed Vaughn Ward in Idaho GOP upset.

"Thank You, You're All Fired." Rand Paul plans major staff shake-up in wake of his stupid, racist blurtings.

Duh. Study reveals wasting time online playing video games is a waste of time.  I wonder how much time they wasted studying that?

"Well, The Truth Is We're Lying." Huffpo has a nice summary of how the religious right systematically distorts research on LGBTQ's in order to justify their b*llshit.

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