Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mother's Little Helper: The Mixed Drink

There's a lot to be said for a simple glass of wine with a crusty piece of buttered bread and a hot, perky bowl of corkscrew pasta with shrimp, tomato and kalamata olives.

But there's another kind of beverage we enjoy at Casa Del Flaming Chef.

The mixed drink.

What could be more elegant than a hand mixed cocktail?

We call this one a "Thing On The Rocks."

I like to start with a full ice shaker and a low ball glass with a few rocks in it.

Take a couple shots of rum and toss them into your shaker. We like Bacardi 151.

(One shot in the low ball glass and the other in the shot glass, just for show. Into the shaker with you both!)

Add four ounces of pineapple juice (1/2 Cup) to the rum in the shaker and shake it around vigorously until your hands are really cold.

Pour over ice and drop in a maraschino cherry for a bit of color.

You can drink it with just about anything, but if you can get your hands on good Mex or Texmex - ooh baby.

This is the kind of beverage that hastens the coming of summer.

Bon apetit!


  1. Me, I'm sipping my Dark and Stormy. National drink of Bermuda, you know. Live the dream, my friends. Live the dream.


  2. Hi Jason,

    It'd be wonderful if you could help with the vegan thing. Post a recipe in the comment section of WFJ and i'll work it into the story (and link to you of course).

    Tristram. X


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