Thursday, May 27, 2010

Morning News 5/27/10

Serious Balls. JMG tells us this morning that Lt. Dan Choi and Captain James Pietrangelo have gone on a hunger strike to demand an immediate end to DADT.

She carries the Sandra Day O'Conner seal of approval. Former justice approves of Elena Kagan.

No, Just No. Israel plans to divert, deport activists who attempt to break three-year Gaza blockade.

Great Parenting Skills You've Got There. Video of a real smoking toddler lit up the internet yesterday. MSNBC quotes the two-year-old's father:
"I'm not worried about his health, he looks healthy," shrugged the boy's father Mohammad Rizal. "He cries and throws tantrums when we don't let him smoke. He's addicted." 
Clap. Clap. Clap.

Whew! I Think. Los Angeles Times reports that initial results in the BP "Top Kill" effort are working.

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