Friday, May 28, 2010

Morning News 5/28/10

The Krusty Brand Seal Of Approval: "It's Not Just Good, It's Good Enough!" DADT compromise passes Senate Armed Services Committee and House. Step in the right direction, but firings continue and the White House shows it is behind the curve on this matter.

"Torture" Is Such An Ugly Word. Zimbabwe gay rights activists freed after six days in police custody.

They're So Cute When They Do That. Recently outed California republican state senator may be turning into a human being.

What Should We Cram In There? Obama heads to Gulf as BP tries to halt gusher. There's a Facebook page where you can vote to plug the oil leak with BP executives. (Hat tip to Gorey Girl.)

(Miss Understood 3 by David Shankbone)

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  1. Poor Rape-public-agains. They typically suck ass anyway but sucking weenie & not being OK w/ it?

    Bastard ass-jams.

    Hypocrisy makes my testes testy. Makes me wanna go str8 to a het-bar and pretend I'm a gay guy trying to be saved thru Jesus by hitting on str8, drunk ladies. Then, just before their boyfriends hurt me, I throw up on their shoes, screaming "Jesus Christ!!! Oh my God!!!" followed by "Those were pretty shoes. Are they this year's Prada?"

    I need therapy....or Starburst.


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