Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, steak tonight. These are steaks I purchased from a handsome young man who came to my door a few months ago and sold me a bunch of frozen meat. Never buy frozen meat from a door - to - door salesman just because he turns you on.
We had a super time over at Linda and Jim's house where we drank several lovely cocktails in honor of Linda's departed Grandmother. So, I've already had two Maker's Mark Manhattans today, which is probably enough but, times being what they are, who am I to deny myself more booze?
We could conduct a poll, but public opinion won't stand between me and the destruction of what's left of my liver.

Update: 3/15/10
Dinner sucked last night. Neither one of us finished our steaks. I repeat: Never purchase frozen meat from a door - to - door salesman, no matter how cute he is.

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