Friday, March 19, 2010

Morning News 3/19/10

Surprise! The House of Representatives should be voting on Health Care Reform Sunday and the Republicans want to kill the sucker dead. Henry Waxman cautioned wavering democrats, "Members who think they have a tough race are not going to find security in voting no," he said. "If this bill doesn't pass, they are going to be wiped out."

Report from the CBO places HCR at $940 billion, which upsets a lot of people. Interesting to note how (comparitively) easily the nation has spent more than that on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. It is easier to spend money on killing people than it is to make sure that everyone has health care.

"Wouldn't you rather play a nice game of chess?" The U.S. and Russia are finishing up a strategic arms reduction treaty. I'm sorry, what decade is this?

Mississippi Rock Lobster still fighting for the right to go to prom. Constance Mcmillan's school canceled it's prom rather than allow her to attend. Battling facebook pages:

Let Constance go to the Prom with her date: 363,803 fans.

Don't let Constance take her date to the prom: 79 fans.

The Smoking toddler returns. A baby born when the FDA first proposed bans on marketing cigarettes to children is almost old enough to smoke now that the FDA is ready to enact the ban.

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