Monday, March 15, 2010

WYNC Radio Lab Kicks Ass

Time for a shout out to one of my favorite radio shows. If you love science and you've never listened to Radiolab from WNYC, you really must.

Anyone who watches "The Simpsons" knows that "stochastic" can be defined as: "pertaining to a process involving a randomly determined sequence of observations." I recommend starting with Radiolab's show devoted to Stochasticity. It will hook you from the first story about English girl Laura Buxton, who sent a balloon into the air and changed her life forever.

Jad Aboumrad and Robert Krulwich's explorations will surprise and entertain you. Radiolab is full of engaging, human stories and always offers a compelling debate about the ways in which human beings assign meaning to the world around us.

If you like the show, which you will, consider pledging to support Radiolab and helping them keep their show on the air.

Go, now!

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