Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lunch and Possible Medical Breakthroughs

First a brief description of lunch:

Larry and I had a meat attack today at Slabtown Ribs and BBQ here in Portland. The lunch special rib sampler was just the right amount: Way too much. I will definitely go back. The coleslaw was super too.

Now a note from Mr. Science:

Gene Therapy.

Larry shared with me some promising new research in gene therapy that has particularly dramatic possibilities in terms of treating AIDS.

"Zinc fingers" are a portion of the body's genetic machinery that recognizes certain sequences of genes in order to turn the sequences on and off. The tiny "finger" seems to act as a switch that determines which genes are expressed or not.

Last December the New York Times reported on this, describing a man who was essentially cured of AIDS. I'm not a scientist, but it looks as though the man was given an immune system transplant via bone marrow from a man who had natural immunity to AIDS.

Clinical trials are either under way, or will be soon and I will post more as I learn more.

Any science types out there who would like to clarify or correct any of my analysis are encouraged to do so.

(Image by Richard Wheeler Zephyris.)

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