Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Always Secrete Occular Fluid at Weddings

Baltimore County District Judge G. Darrell Russell Jr., presiding over a domestic violence case, found the defendant not guilty after his wife cited spousal immunity and refused to testify against her husband.

This was after the judge paused the case to allow the couple to marry so that she could claim immunity.

...and Judge Russell performed the ceremony himself.

It just seems I don't get to Baltimore as often as I'd like.

Personal note: For those of you out there who think domestic partnership and civil unions are "good enough" for gay couples, keep in mind that spousal immunity as it applies to gay couples is still a disputed matter, even in states where marriage equality is the law of the land.

Check out Project 1138 to see some wonderful couples who are concerned (as my husband and I are) about the 1,138 federal rights that come with marriage and are barred to us because of DOMA.

(Photo of wedding rings by Petr Kratochvil)

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