Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning News 3/15/10

"Do you like films about gladiators?" Peter Graves shuffles off this mortal coil.

Stand up and be counted. The 2010 Census starts arriving in the mail today. This is the constitutionally mandated survey used, among other things, to allocate representation and funding by the federal government. From the AP:
"In 2000, the Census Bureau for the first time had a nationwide overcount of 1.3 million people, mostly from duplicate counts of more affluent whites with multiple homes. Still, 4.5 million people were ultimately missed, mostly lower-income blacks and Hispanics."

Reps. Conyers and Nadler introduce housing nondiscrimination legislation in congress. Good luck guys.

Gay activist, Rev. Robert Carter dies.

Trans woman marrying another woman in California, rather than her home state of Nevada. From the SF Chronicle:
"While both states prohibit same-sex marriage, officials in California said they consider Severson a man because that's what her birth certificate says. But officials in Nevada said they consider Severson a woman because that's what her driver's license says."
Way to go, government officials.

NSW government recognizes a human being free of gender.
"Zie (a gender non - specific pronoun) goes on: “I wonder if we in Western culture would have more options for happiness if we too had permission not simply to be of one gender or the other, but also to be of both genders, if such was our nature.""
(Hat tip to Jim.)

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