Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Garden State Gettin' Rowdy

Lambda Legal will reveal its NJ State Supreme Court Strategy tomorrow (Thanks Towleroad).

I would like to provide a little heads up on what I know about this very interesting situation.

First, New Jersey began offering domestic partnerships in 2003, which are separate and unequal to marriage. When challenged on this in 2006, the NJSC ruled that same sex couples deserve equal rights, but they fell just short of ruling that marriage equality would be the law in that state. Instead they opted for civil unions, which they felt were, I don't know, less unequal.

The Supremes decided that it was up to the State Legislature to handle the details and ensure equality. But after several years of inadequate civil unions, the legislature, earlier this year failed in its duty to fix the problem.

So Lambda is going back to court and we'll find out what they have in mind tomorrow.

My prediction: I think that Lambda will demand that the State Supreme Court of NJ enact marriage equality without the legislature's input.

I will keep you posted.

(PS I hate to brag, but I made that New Jersey rainbow map myself and I'm pretty proud of it.)

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