Thursday, March 18, 2010

Re: The Eternal Battle Between the Good, and the Not so Good

My dear friend Wicker Parker points out a lot of things that I missed, ignored and otherwise skipped in my post about Robert Kagan yesterday. His comments under that piece are a must read and I deserved his forceful, yet polite reminder to think before I post.

It is with a humble heart that I am reminded that Kagan is an unreliable douche who (among other things) was a cheerleader for the Bush Administration's fabricated hunt for WMD's in Iraq, even after everyone on the planet finally came around to the fact that it was all horseshit. Also correct is that Kagan makes a lot of assertions in his piece, and quotes no sources.

Hmm? That should have told me something right there. Kagan is an ideologue, bent on painting Obama in the worst possible light, and I jumped right on to the bandwagon.

I have been so impatient with the apparent lack of urgency from the Obama White House, that I went off half cocked about an issue that really gets me riled (DADT) and used for my source a right - wing mouthpiece who, obviously has an axe to grind. And Kagan wasn't even talking about DADT.

My apologies.

In my fight for equality, I must remember who MY allies are.

After eight years of the worst president in history, it is nice to have someone in the oval office who isn't using homophobia for political gain. Obama may not be moving as fast as I like, but at least he is moving. For that I am grateful.

As Chuck advised me last night:

"Calm the fuck down."

I will try.

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  1. We will keep fighting against DADT, and for ENDA and marriage, because it absolutely is the right thing to do. One day, Obama will understand that his opposition to marriage (and his foot dragging on other issues of equality, such as federal benefits) put him on the wrong side of history; I just hope he realizes it when it can make a difference. We will continue to push him to get there soonest. Kisses.


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